Пумпите Grundfos COMFORT DT со дигитален тајмер



Пумпите Grundfos COMFORT DT со дигитален тајмер поставуваат нови стандарди за рециркулација на топла вода во вашиот дом. Благодарејќи на ниското ниво на бука на моторот со постојан магнет, потрошувачката на енергија е намалена на 5-7 W, но со функцијата на дигитален тајмер пумпата работи само кога е потребно,  на тој  начин намалувајќи ја потрошувачката на енергија и топлина. Резултат на тоа е максималниот комфор со минимална потрошувачка на вода, топлина и електрична енергија.


Пумпите Grundfos COMFORT  посебно се наменети за системите за топла вода во домаќинствата за една или две фамилии.


  • Потполно автоматизирана работа-Пумпата Grundfos COMFORT AUTOADAPT испорачува топла вода веднаш и кога Вам ви е потребна.
  • AUTOADAPT начин на работа:Пумпата ги памти Вашите навики и работи само кога има потреба од тоа.
  • Регулација спрема температура - начин на работа: Со овој начина на работа се зададената температура на санитарната вода во инсталацијата со што се обезбедува максимална заштеда на енергија и санитарна вода со посакуваната температура
  • Максимален начин на работа 100%: Пумпата работи со максимална брзина без дополнителна контрола.
  • Пумпа со вграден тајмер – Grundfos COMFORT DT со дигитален тајмер Пумпата Grundfos COMFORT DT има регулација од дигитален тајмер. Пумпата работи само во оние часови кога ќе ја нагодите и на овој начин ви обезбедува максимален комфорт на топла вода и заштедува енергија во периодот кога топла вода не ви е потребна.
  • Удобност што можете да си ја дозволите – Grundfos COMFORT PM со фиксна брзина Grundfos COMFORT PM Basic е одличен избор ако сакате постојана работа на пумпата со максимална брзина.
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COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT (Product brochure)

The Grundfos COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT sets new standards for energyefficient and intelligent hot water recirculation in private homes and offers the ultimate in control with fully automatic operation (AUTOADAPT), temperature-controlled operation or continuous full speed operation. The AUTOADAPT function uses an automatic calendar to get an overview of when you use hot water. This operation is calendar-controlled by a combination of the temperature control and the calendar log. This keeps energy use low while ensuring instantly hot water.

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Information and advice

Grundfos is a world-wide provider of pumps and related systems. We have a trained staff of service engineers who will be able to support you during the installation phase of the pump or solution. Grundfos products are manufactured to very high standards, which helps to ensure a long life. Our many years of experience of different kinds of installation and with installation techniques are also key factors for maximising the lives of your Grundfos products or systems.

We will be able to support you with the following:

  • Information about the proper protection of our pumps
  • Advice on the physical positioning of the pump for necessary service/repair
  • Advice on the physical positioning of the pump to maintain proper operation
  • Correct cabling to fulfil the requirements of good practice and electromagnetic compatibility.


Please contact your local Grundfos company to obtain full support for your new installation.





Grundfos offers an efficiency analysis of your existing pump system, providing you with suggestions for increasing efficiency and thus for achieving cost savings over time.

Increase the efficiency of your existing system

Conducting an efficiency analysis of your existing pump system provides you with a basis for increasing efficiency and thus for achieving cost savings over time. An efficiency analysis results in suggestions for increasing efficiency and will show how this will save you money.

Grundfos offers the following levels of analysis for assessing the efficiency of your pump system:

  • Installed base checks.

A basic evaluation is carried out purely on the basis of the data from the identification plate on the pump, comparing its performance with that offered by newer, more efficient technology and materials found in modern pumps.

  • Pump efficiency quick check.

Pressure and the consumption of the pump in kWh are measured. Flow is estimated on the basis of available pump data and the results of the measurements.

Some of the resulting suggestions for improving efficiency might include a speed control upgrade, a motor upgrade, differently dimensioned pipes, the installation of a controller, or perhaps an agreement for routine service.

Complete pump audit

The efficiency analysis offered by Grundfos makes up the first step in our Pump Audit, a diagnostics tool that we use to check whether the pump system is operating at the optimal energy consumption to guarantee that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum – now and in the future. See "Replacement analysis" to find out more about the Grundfos Pump Audit.

Repair and maintenance

Grundfos Service can advise you on efficiency issues, offering suggestions for saving money in the long term.

Not all our products need spare parts. Our pumps are designed to provide low energy consumption and the highest possible performance throughout their lives. For some pumps, the greatest efficiency and reliability are achieved by replacing worn-out pumps rather than repairing them.

Naturally, you can always call Grundfos for repair and maintenance of pumps you have purchased from us. It is important to remember that an upgrade or even a replacement pump can be cheaper than repair in the long term.

Effective service – wherever you are

Grundfos Service is always close by. Working in collaboration with our local authorised service partners we offer worldwide service. Help from qualified pump professionals is never far away, whether you need immediate assistance or are interested in hearing about opportunities for making savings.

Grundfos Remote Management

Grundfos Remote Management is a cost-effective, secure and reliable way to monitor and manage pump installations from an Internet PC at a very low cost.

Connecting pumps and people

With a secure and reliable remote management system, you can monitor and manage your pump systems from an Internet PC at a very low cost.

Grundfos Remote Management is a cost-effective and straightforward system for monitoring and managing pump installations in commercial buildings and in water supply and wastewater systems. It reduces the need for onsite inspections, and in the event of an alarm or warning, the relevant people are notified directly.

The system offers a wider range of benefits and functions than mobile-phone-based monitoring. For those who do not require remote process automation, Grundfos Remote Management is the ideal solution for monitoring and remote control, rather than traditional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Initial investment is minimal, and a fixed low fee covers data traffic, hosting costs and system support, including back-up of all data.

Efficient alarm management

The on-call schedule in this new telemetry system ensures that alarm messages from onsite controllers go directly to the relevant people. The system manager can log on from a PC anywhere and plan who is to receive alarm messages from each installation at any given time of the day. Managers can plan for years ahead, and can easily handle day-to-day exceptions to the schedule.

Optimise service and maintenance

Changes in pump performance can be tracked using trend graphs generated automatically by the system. This tracking can give an indication of any wear or damage in the installation, and service and maintenance can be planned accordingly.

The communication interface (the CIU271 modem) enables data transmission via GPRS/SMS from your Grundfos pumps and controllers. The built-in multi-purpose I/O board allows you to connect sensors and switches.




The purpose of CAPS is to provide a complete tool that contains both an extensive catalogue of Grundfos products and a sizing program to select the most suitable pump for your application.

There is also a comprehensive pump replacement selection function for central heating circulator pumps, hot water pumps and wastewater S pumps, and a function for producing professional quotations that include curves, drawings, quotation texts, wiring diagrams, etc.

Last but not least, the software contains the instruction and operating manuals for nearly all Grundfos pumps in multiple languages. Service drawings, exploded views and parts lists are available for all sewage products as well as several other pump types.

CAPS is available in two versions: WinCAPS, available on CD-ROM, and the online version WebCAPS, available at the Grundfos website. Additional features available in WebCAPS include CAD Drawings and Literature.

Резервни Делови

Spare parts

Not all our products need spare parts. Our pumps are designed to provide low energy consumption and the highest possible performance throughout their lives. For some pumps, the greatest efficiency and reliability are achieved by replacing worn-out pumps rather than repairing them. Our latest generations of products offer improved comfort, better functionality, and improved value for money.
As a full-line supplier of pumps, we can guarantee to supply you with reliable and cost-effective solutions. Working in close cooperation with you, we can create the best possible pump solutions for your needs – matching and even exceeding all your expectations.

You can also find the information you need online. We have created a complete list of replacement pumps that will upgrade your pump performance in the most efficient way.

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